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In these northern most parts of Minnesota, the Mississippi River comes out of the ground some 30 miles from Oak Haven. The water of the Mississippi River in our area is very clear and very clean. (Click on “Lakes” to view map) It travels through Lake Bemidji, runs ten miles East and gently pours into 1100 acre Big Wolf Lake, slowly passes by Oak Haven Resort, gently pours into 1600 acre Andrusia Lake, then gently pours into 15,000 acre Cass Lake and then on to Lake Winnibigoshish…then on and on. Please click on LAKES and view the map of the Cass Lake chain. Our guests enjoy knowing they have the opportunity to boat to and fish NINE different lakes. The river moves very slowly. It is crystal clear and holds an abundance of wildlife including fish, bald eagles, loons, ducks, turtles and frogs. Kids can easily paddle canoes and kayaks upstream. We hear it all the time “Is this really the Mississippi River?”  These are the very Headwaters of the Mississippi River. It’s so calm and peaceful you will be pleasantly surprised. If you like to see nature at it’s finest…come to Oak Haven Resort.


Yes….bring your own boat!  Call us if you have questions. Cement boat ramp. Reserved dock spot with electricity. 91 octane gas for boats. Live bait. Come to Oak Haven!


We are on “the old highway” between Bemidji and Cass Lake Township. County Road # 8 from Bemidji and # 75 from Cass Lake township are the same highway. (also called Roosevelt Road SE) We are nine miles East of Bemidji and 6 miles NW of Cass Lake township. We are 27 miles north of Walker…150 miles North of St. Cloud…140 miles West of Duluth…130 miles East of Grand Forks and 140 miles East of Fargo.


We have TWO HEATED swimming pools that are always a big hit in the summer time. We have an indoor heated pool and an outdoor heated pool. We have TWO NEW HEATERS so our pool water is warmer now than it’s ever been! (85-88 degrees)  Lake water is usually much cooler. (Summer 65-75 degrees) Come to Oak Haven and enjoy our indoor and outdoor pools!


Yes we do. Kids enjoy making sand castles on our beach. It’s also where you will find our canoes, our sit-on-top kayaks and our pedal boats. These are free for our registered guests to use, providing they follow some basic rules. By the beach you’ll also find Tether ball and our Rainbow Clubhouse Playground (swings and a slide).


This is Muskie and Walleye Country!  You can also land big Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass, Crappies, Sunfish, Perch and more. Honestly….quite often you can catch 50 fish in a day!  Choose your plan….deep water drop offs, shallow weed lines, lily pads, little turns in the river….you have NINE different lakes to boat to. Go after what ever kind of fish you prefer. Please look at all the fish pictures on this website. Big Wolf Lake is 1100 acres and 60 feet deep…Lake Andrusia is 1600 acres and 66 feet deep…or boat into the vast Cass Lake and explore over 10,000 acres of water and several more lakes that are part of the Cass Lake Chain of Nine Lakes. PLUS….kids and adults enjoy catching Perch, Pike, Bass and Sunfish off our docks! See our Fishing Report for information.


Lots of things! During the summer families enjoy our Kids Pontoon Fishing Trip on Wednesday mornings. Kids learn some tips from Mike and Deb while we fish a couple of hours on our 25′ pontoon. Plus the kids get free “Heggies” pizza Monday nights! Two heated swimming pools are a big hit, free use of canoes, sit-on-top kayaks and pedal boats (early June to Labor Day), catch fish off our docks. Two sand boxes plus a Rainbow Clubhouse Playground (swings and a slide). Borrow games, puzzles, books from the Lodge. Plus we have basketball, volleyball, badminton, horseshoes, Tetherball, outdoor Ping Pong (Table Tennis – ask us how to win free ice cream!), indoor Foosball, arcade games, much more! Got a favorite TV program? Dish Network brings over 80 quality TV channels into every cabin. All cabins have color TV’s.


We have log and wood sided cabins. All of our cabins have air conditioning. Enjoy our dual soft water system. Your skin won’t be left dry and itchy from the hard water you’ll find at many Minnesota resorts. Plus, we have installed quality tankless water heaters. This means when you arrive, you won’t be asked to use the old water in a traditional water heater that heats the same water 24/7. At Oak Haven you get fresh, clean hot water all the time. That should be important to you and your kids.


Deposit required is 33% of the projected invoice total. Deposit must be paid by American Express, Visa or MasterCard. If you cancel 90 days or more ahead of your scheduled arrival date, you may choose full refund or full credit. If you cancel 30-90 days prior to your scheduled arrival date, you will receive full credit towards your next trip here. If you cancel less than 30 days prior to your scheduled arrival date, no credits or refunds. There are no refunds, discounts or credits for early departure. You are required to pay in full for all boats and cabins you have reserved.


After your deposit, the remainder of your invoice is due on your scheduled arrival date. For this payment we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cash or Check. You are required to pay in full for all boats and cabins you have reserved. There are no refunds or credits for early departure. If you rent a boat from us, weekly, Saturday to Saturday, our boat must be emptied, cleaned and docked by 6 PM for final inspection and refueling. Your final invoice for the week is due by 7 PM Friday evening. Avoid late charges and please be on time. Since 2008, our lodge has been and is closed every Saturday until 4 PM, which is check-in time for newly arriving weekly guests. Departure required by 9 AM on Saturday’s.


If you are a Saturday to Saturday weekly guest, please do not arrive before 4 PM. The Lodge opens at 4 PM every Saturday. (Since 2008) Please do not arrive early and launch your boat and take a docking space. We have RESERVED boat docking at Oak Haven and you will likely be in someone else’s reserved spot. When you check in at the lodge, we will show you where to dock your boat and where to park your trailer. Thank you for your cooperation. 


All guests (cabin guests and campground guests) must register at the Lodge upon arrival. To maintain the clean and friendly atmosphere we desire, we have simple and basic “good behavior” policies and those visitors must be informed. All guests must abide by our ground rules, such as no littering. If you are staying at Oak Haven and you ask someone to visit, we are OK with that, at no charge, if they sign in at the lodge. If they do not sign in, we may add $35 (per day) for each unregistered guest to that cabin’s invoice.  PLEASE have your visitors register at the lodge.


No pets please. Thank You. (Since 2008)


Oak Haven kindly asks guests to be respectful of other guests, our property and the environment. Enjoy your campfire well into the night without preventing others from falling asleep. Don’t slam doors in the early morning, allowing other nice people to sleep in. Lots of nice parents with great kids come to Oak Haven. For them, we kindly ask our guests to refrain from cussing. Please don’t litter. This is our home. How would you feel if we littered in your front yard? We stopped allowing pets in 2008 due to some irresponsible pet owners. You can count on Oak Haven to be free of pet odors, pet stains and pet disruptions. Come to the very Headwaters of the Mississippi River, where things are naturally clean. We’re looking for guests who want to keep it that way.

Stay at Oak Haven. 

Thank You.

Deb and Mike Trachta
Owners and Managers since 2007

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